Detailed Map of Kranevo will help tourists during the summer season


A detailed map of Kranevo will help during the summer season, announced the mayor of the village Mr. Rumen Nikolov. All restaurants, accommodation and hotels in the village will be pointed on the map. The maps will be placed on 4 or 5 key sited in the village. Thus the tourists will be able to easily find their way to the hotel or restaurant they wish to visit.
The project will be financed with municipal funding and by the local tourism contractors. The mayor plans to complete the project before the start of the new tourism season in the village.

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  1. Thanks for the comment Duke, not sure where I could find an electronic copy though?, maybe just a high res photo of the map if I knew where to find it.
    This website already has a interactive map view at I admit the posts beneath the map are not displaying properly at present and think I will have to find a real website designer who knows code to fix this!. I would also like to set the original view at the centre of the village and set a maximum zoom level as its easy to get lost. When this is complete however it should offer a fairly comprehensive map.

  2. would be nice to get a copy and have it as a download on here.

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