Strengthen the landslide to stop “Cypress”

Strengthen the landslide to stop "Cypress"

The landslide is active and is located in the suburbs “Kranevo” in the village Osenovo in Aksakovo.

The money will go for feasibility studies, geological survey of the area and detailed engineering-geological study, decided Interdepartmental Commission for Reconstruction and Assistance at the Council of Ministers, told BNT.

Currently Aksakovo prepare the necessary documents to announce tender for exploration activities.

It is expected to close by the end of November and then be provided additional funds to strengthen the landslide. As is threatened section of the international road Durankulak – Varna is proposed bypass route through the village of Osenovo.
Monday – February 22, students begin normal classes, forward forward
Students in Varna came in flu vacation from 16 to 19 February inclusive.

In the last four days 377 people have become ill from influenza and acute respiratory diseases compared to 597 last week. The level of incidence is 112 10 000 178 at 10 000 last week.

There is a pronounced decline in diseased in all age groups, most clearly emerged in the over 65 years of age.

The forecast is that by next week the level of incidence will be below pre-epidemic levels, according to the regional committee to fight the flu.

Repealed and restrictive measures in respect of elective surgery, women’s and children’s advice. It remains enhanced “filter” in kindergartens.
The amendments introduce two-way to completion of construction and renovation activities change is effective as of today and is necessary because of construction and repair Boulevard. “Third of March” in the section from the junction with Boulevard. “Republika” to the intersection with the street. “Faith.”

The route of the trolley line 88 will serve the route of the trolley line 82 in the area of ​​initial stop “Bl. 407 “to the journal.” Dom Mladost “.

Will not serve stops Boulevard. “Third of March”, namely: magazine. “Osam”, “3rd of March”, “Iskar”, “Yantra”, “AUGUSTA”, “Central auto base”, “Dom Mladost” str. “Faith.”

All season tickets purchased for trolley line 83 and 88 to count for regular transport document the route of the trolley line 82 and 88 to / from the magazine. “TIS North” and to / from the train station bidirectional.

Season tickets for trolley lines 82 and 83 are not valid route 88 trolley line in the section of the magazine. “Central Post Office” to Asparukhovo and vice versa.

Temporary organization in the route of movement of the bus line 20 direction Railway Station is as follows: after magazine. “March 3” bus turns boulevard. “Republika” and service stations in the area, at the junction with Boulevard. “Tsar Liberator” with left turn continues in the same journal and service. “Hemus” and the magazine. “revival” after crossing a street. “Faith” is included in its approved route.

The amendments introduce two-way to completion of construction and renovation activities.

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