Why plots can not be Saint Tropez

Why plots can not be Saint Tropez

Unfortunately, this advantage – albeit picturesque Kranevo no chance to become ours Saint Tropez. Exactly the opposite. Soon it will not stop expensive yacht not because no port, but because wealthy tourists will hardly go around in huge sunken weeds and thorns streets. Insofar as there is asphalt on them, it is a remnant of sotsa and when the sun shines, they sink into dust, and when it rains, covered with huge puddles. According to reports from the town hall but in the last two years only landscaping of the resort have gone 176 560 lev! Elsewhere this money will make Versailles gardens. In plots but no sign of gardens and flower alleys – instead weeds, bushes and trevolyatsi are sprouting on municipal land, and they will swarm of snakes and lizards. Interestingly, however, in whose pocket sunk grand landscaping ask in the village. Instead plots wealthy tourists staying mostly families saving all year to bring household sea. And what they found that those people? Sidewalks, how have them here is firmly occupied by dilapidated stalls, shops ugly and noisy bars. However, in City Hall scream that money is not enough, although this whole Trade pay rents and charges. Apparently, they do not go to the Mayor’s Fund and sink into private pockets.

“To get to walk to the beach, you have to slalom with exceptional skills – say preparative Tilly tourists – because you have to sneak between the tables of restaurants and jump sellers and waitresses.
In this state plots will have to wait for tourists but some other time. “Among the entertainment offered here are so-called rickshaws. This past summer rickshaw driven by a child crashed into a parked car. The owner of the rickshaw however raised unprecedented scandal of the owners of the car. Jump told them to their job, because he paid the mayor and if you have questions, submit them to it. However plots of 10 years has the same tenure mayor – Socialist Rumen Nikolov. For him, in the resort village say it is the most engaged already provide the luxurious life of his numerous unemployed family instead of working for the village. Excellent knowledge, who are sick of the local corruption, explained that small and larger dealings ruining resort instead to make it competitive at least next Albena . In a family of five to the mayor no one but him not working, but they generally spent properly, even your shopping done and two cars within a few months.

The mayor also was a great lover of the Comrades and family gatherings and treats at the local restaurant “Central”. Even if you draw, as is most often seen in the restaurant he regularly like and invoices. So invoice after invoice treats money needs to be representative of the mayoralty already exceeded 3,000 lev, although officially allocated only 300 lev. A small but very significant fact, our sources note and ask in this country will not financial control.

The tip of the ice cream, however, was that the kitchen of the restaurant plans of City Hall and invoice … prepared formwork, transport and stone for “Old Fountain” in plots of 1250 lev! That kitchen invoice proved and organizer of a concert and transportation for guests of 1280 lev! Where ever heard of such insolence, comment in the village, where it is difficult similar tarikatlatsi remain secret. Mayor Nikolov otherwise earn big fighter for filling byudzheta.Tova summer even declared that will personally count the towels on the terrace to cut tax evasion of tax. Of course, counting towels on hotel balconies and did not take place. Just Rumen Nikolov threw a little showmanship that is concerned about the finances of the resort .

At the same time, however, reports that building markets have gone 10 000 lev Where are these markets wonder that people such markets simply will not! And no sports club, although it reportedly given 12 000 lev is interesting and column “cultural” costs, which for the last two years have reported 22 000 lev Nobody in the plots did not remember having had some “cultural” event. Rather spring destroyed the building of the old town hall, and the materials were separated by two brothers from private companies – one took the iron and the other aluminum profiles. Penny does not come into the treasury of the village. Similarly frantically been scrapped and the metal bins in the plots, and metal bridge. They were gathered as scrap company of Balchik and the money in this case passed the village budget.

Otherwise mayor Roumen Nikolov continues to explain that the resort needs rich people to spend money here.Only how to do this after a year and a half after the flood in June 2014 plots continues to disasters. The village is even about to lose 764,000 lev allocated from the fund for disaster. The reason is the carelessness of the rural administration. Money is allocated in April and at the end of September completely mayoralty election decided by a contest to select the company to clean riverbanks and bridges repaired. Rather tourists all summer have “enjoyed” and do not know how long will continue to “enjoy” of unseen attraction – a pedestrian bridge over the river Kranevska “hang” thrown to one side of the flood waters in the flood year ago and a half. Now the two parts of the village were cut off from one another, and people from the west bank of the river circling over a kilometer to get to the center.

Swollen river besides being smashed bridge was dislodged and the sewer pipe. So instead of dirty water in the treatment plant is discharged directly into the river and from there – into the sea. Stink, complain locals, it is intolerable. Who would hiker endured misery, asked in plots. This Sunday there will be elections. It is almost certain that eternal mayor of the resort will once again wants to win – a new four years. It is good before casting a ballot for him, local thinking – what did this man for their city and why the resort every year baht-lyasva.Kranevo is a great place and if not St. Tropez, he might be at least as Sozopol, Lozenets, Nesebar – resorts where the local population is living quite well from tourism. Well, in any plots – like the mayor and 2-3 associates families …

Maya Stefanova v.Uikend

Why plots can not be Saint Tropez

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