Checks to be carried out on Bulgaria’s beaches

Sofia. The Ministry of Regional Development, Directorate for National Construction Control, regional healthcare inspections at the Ministry of Healthcare and Maritime Administration start to carry out permanent checks on the beaches at Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, announced the Ministry of Regional Development.
The teams are to examine the fulfillment of the obligatory activities under the concession contracts and contracts about the rent of the beaches. The implementers have to provide lifeguards, health and medical services and sanitary maintenance of the beach and make the respective beach safe. The teams are to inspect also the movable entities and facilities. They are to check out whether the concessionaires make at least 50% of the beach available to beachgoers free of charge.


source – FOCUS Information Agency

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  1. I have gone some way beyond Albena around to Balchik to where the road ends. How long does it take to walk the rest of the way to Balchik? are there any hidden bars or restaurants? I think there for now there is a lot of free beach space and what is required is a few more bars. I like the new bar ‘Ganvie’ on Albena beach, it has nice umbrellas and live music during the day, would love to see something like this in Kranevo.

  2. There does need to be some commerce on the beach, for one it means you can get a beer, ice cream or food while there, get a lounger and parasol too should you want one, and somebody has to pay for the life guards..I do agree though that there should be a part that is commerce free for those that just want to be alone…and indeed there is if you walk up a bit. I’ve walked from Kranevo to Balchick along the beach/coast and there are some lovely hidden secluded bits, not a soul in sight..

  3. think long term, not just quick bucks ?

  4. It would be a shame if the beaches became too commercial however they could also do with some investment and ongoing maintenance, a fine balance I think!

  5. should all be free to holiday makers.

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