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Dear guests,

The current emergency situation as a result of the heavy rains and floods from 19-20 June does not allow us to continue to plan the opening of aqua park “Aquamania” in Albena.

The caused damages on the territory of the aqua park are serious and require time to be corrected in order to continue the construction activities.

We regret to inform you that because of these force majeure circumstances the opening of the aqua park must be delayed with 20-30 days. The expected date of opening of the aqua park “Aquamania” is August 1, 2014.
In case that your reservation for hotels Ralitsa Superior, Ralitsa Superior Aquaclub or Vita Park is in the period 1-31 July and you would like to use the aqua park, we suggest moving the reservation to a later date, according to your preferences and the capacity of the hotels.

If you want to keep the same dates of your holiday, we will be pleased to offer you all other services included in the offers of the hotels. Change of the reservation date can be requested in the following ways:
1. By calling the call center of Albena on tel. 070 012 110,
2. e-mail or
3. To your tour operator.

Thank you for understanding
The team of Albena

source – Albena BG

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  1. Obviously its closed now for winter as is the rest of Albena, June is quite a late opening I would have thought, maybe in time the season might extend. Certainly the more facilities they provide the better the draw of tourists throughout the year.

    best regards


  2. Hi Bobstar26

    The water park did open last year, I believe it was only partially complete, regarding next year the following is from the Albena website:

    ANNOUNCEMENT Aquamania Waterpark will welcome its first visitors on 1st June 2015 with 2 brand new water slides, designed by the Canadian ProSLIDE company: the 191-long rafting-style TORNADO, the one-and-only slide of its kind in Europe and the 77-meter long high speed FreeFALL. Aquamania will also feature a new action pool and an amphitheatre animation scene.

  3. it was, but the floods changed that…as it says above.

    1. yes I understand but still you don’t explain opening date.thank you

  4. thought opening was 1st june 2014

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