ALBENA resort would like to inform the clients

The management of ALBENA resort would like to inform the clients of the immediate safety measures taken and the situation in the holiday village after the severe weather conditions the previous week and the flood caused by Batovska River.

The affected hotels, restaurants and adjoining warehouses, halls and facilities are completely drained, cleaned and operating properly.

Disinfection is carried out by professional licensed company (Disinfecting and exterminating).

The beach is cleaned and disinfected as well as treated for mosquitoes. Employees of the sector “Landscaping” cleaned washed and disinfected the whole area of the holiday village.

Health and safety measures are taken by draining the pools, cleaning and prevention work with the water pumps. Each hotel pool is used only after the three daily water tests come out with indicators within norm. At this point 25 samples of water are tested by the Regional Health Inspectorate. Regional Food Safety Inspection has inspected the affected hotels and restaurants. Unfit food is discarded.

In conclusion we would like to assure you that Albena holiday village is already functioning normally. Our employees are taking care for the convenience of our guests.

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