Huge Landslide Inflicts Damage on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

Huge Landslide Inflicts Damage on Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast: Huge Landslide Inflicts Damage on Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast

A huge landslide has been activated on the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, in the area between the Golden Sands resort and the town of Kranevo.

The strip covered by the landslide is about 2 km, while the fishermen village near the shoreline is the most affected. The road leading to the water is completely destroyed with some of the fishermen trailers buried by the land mass.

Eight people have been temporarily blocked, but have already managed to leave. No one has been injured.

The landslide was activated Sunday, bringing down huge land mass that inflicted serious damage. A 100-year-old lighthouse has been fully destroyed along with damages to several nearby vacation homes, and several stranded automobiles.

The Civil Defense have sealed the area. Local authorities alarm of the possibility of closing the main road between Golden Sands and Kranevo because it is only 40 meters away from the landslide.

Crisis headquarters has been formed.


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