Construction of New roads In Kranevo


Construction of new roads throughout Kranevo started in early 2012, with a large trench dug to install new drainage and infrastructure, Commencing in Primorska street  heading up the road from the Amirov up towards the main road. By May however the backfilled trench remained and the new road surface had not been constructed. The road was now open to traffic and the mess and uneven surface made navigating the road a hazadourous and uncomfortable experience.

During the spring attention had turned towards the main strip where there are many restaurants and shops. By May this road had been reconstructed with the inclusion of new drains and gullies to take away surface water and so assist in keeping the road maintained and free from future problems. The pavements had been reconstructed by June and the previously rough and uneven surface was now much improved. Flower beds now feature along the entire length of the main road, lets hope they are used to their full potential and do not become magnets for litter and ciggarette butts!

Apart from some settlement of the pavement outside a restaurant leaving a small crater for pedestrians, the road along the main strip and new pavement seem much improved for now.  Lets hope that Primorska street and other minor roads are updated soon,  Its remains to be seen wether they will be maintained as required, otherwise the harsh winters and heavy traffic of new construction in the area will mean the effort was pointless!

Above nice new roads in Kranevo centre, however Primorska street remains unfinished (bottom)

note – all photos taken in May 2012

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