Sports complex “Aqualife” (& proposed ice skating rink)

Sport complex

Sports complex “Aqualife” in Kranevo was this year’s host of the national team in beach soccer. “Lions” played two controls with Romania on the newly built facility “Aqualife Beach Arena”. The total area of the complex is 40,000 square meters, of which there are a wide range of professional sports facilities for various activities. The complex offers individual sport, according to the needs of the guests groups.

“Aqualife” is a place that brings together representatives of different sports not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. Olimpic pools, playgrounds for mini football, basketball, rooms for dance, martial arts are a small part of the amenities offered by The complex. The hotels are adapted for people with disabilities, even complex hosted the fencing team for the disabled.

Sports complex \

Manager of the hotel – Orlin Dzhelepov told about the complex and future plans for development of tourism in Kranevo. “The project began implementation in 2009-a year of the swimming pool. In 2011 and was built hotel” Sport “and then began to attract the interest of many dancers for the dance hall. to date, I can say that the hotel we have taken over 20 different sports, the most massive are synchronized swimming, water polo, gymnastics, modern ballet, karate. in now even we have over 100 basketball players. it is seen that work on the development of beach soccer – two state championships are played at the new facility thanks to our partners’ development. “we are doing everything possible to build several more courses. we are project connected with volleyball Scout league. in September will take place the final talks and hope that this plan will be implemented. visiting our many foreigners – Russians have long been with us, but there are Brazilians, Ukrainians, Danes. Compare us with Spain with Tenerife, which is a huge compliment, and that always return in the complex. This year we will have guests from Iceland and we hope for long-term partnership with them. The complex has a security guard, private beach, umbrellas, great service, and this is a good prerequisite for good cooperation. The beach is also very close – only 100 meters. This year we started to develop and fight with George Kaltchev that makes great camps with our guests. Cover requirements for this sport, which is very important.

Another important project is the plan for an ice rink. It will be the best in Bulgaria will be to the beach. This will be another attraction to help the development of tourism in Kranevo, “said Dzhelepov.

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