New Event in Kranevo – Festival of the Sprat – May 2016

Правим Фестивал на цацатаThe first ever Festival of sprat will be held in late May 2016 in the resort village Kranevo, learn Agency monitor. The proposal was adopted by the Municipal Council of Balchik and the idea is the owner of the International Camp George Tsurev. The festival is scheduled for the beginning of the season to attract Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

The construction of several scenes of concerts and performers will be world-famous stars like Michael Bolton. All restaurants in the kranevo will include on the menu sprat, whose name the festival was baptized. For this purpose have been allocated 20 000 lev from the municipal budget.

Fishermen from Durankulak to Kranevo groomed festive meal of the holiday – St. Nicholas, the mandatory dish was fish soup. “Although this year the season was very weak, yet we set aside something for our celebration. On Sofrata put chernokop, horse mackerel and mullet. We celebrate with a reduced squad because our ships are to Pomorie and Michurin, waiting for the fish, which are still missing. We have information that in Turkey there are no fish. It is claimed that the fish are still in Romania. Something happened this year with the sea – an anomaly with time or currents do not know exactly what it is, but the fish are not in Bulgaria, “said Dzhemaledin Aliyev, member of the Board of the fishing association” Black dawn “.

Festival sprat do Iva Milanova – Sunday, 06-12-2015 – 13:57

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