Pleven municipality will ask for judicial partition holiday house in Kranevo

Община Плевен ще поиска съдебна делба за почивната станция в КраневоAt its first meeting of the new term, the councilors of the Municipal Council – Pleven decided to ask for judicial partition holiday house in the village of Kranevo. The proposal made ​​Mayor of Pleven Georg Spartan. He recalled the decision of the Municipal Council in spring 2015 for the termination of the co-ownership of the holiday home in the village Kranevo by selling cases of Pleven municipality for the amount of 1,536 million. Lev the other co-owner, such as a refusal on his part to pay this price should the tender for the sale of municipal portion of the property.

There were two auctions as both have appeared participants. Later it was decided to extrajudicial agreement with co-owner at the new price of 1,199 million. Lev, which should be completed by October 15, 2015 As a lawyer, the mayor said that if no amicable settlement of the dispute between the two owners be filed court division and in its second phase, when appointed expert, usually then the parties agree or sell property or one to buy out the other, because at this stage be paid two times lower state fee on the account of the court . This according to the mayor will lead to a deal before the closure of the case. The proposal was supported by Dr. Yordan Georgiev from the group of GERB in the City Council. He offered to put an end to the saga in the holiday house in Kranevo adding details on the ownership of the one and the other co-owner, after which the proposal to carry out judicial partition between co-owners was adopted unanimously by all 39 councilors in the room.

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