Varna spurs repaired with EU funds

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Varna district administration is preparing a project that will apply to 200 million euros in the “Southeast Europe”. Money is to design the shore fortifications, landslides and groins. The association of regional governments in Varna, Burgas and Dobrich can apply with a joint program to attract more funding.

Until now embankments action is frozen because the state is unable to allocate such a large financial resources. In Varna and resorts spurs eight, half are in the municipality of Varna and the rest – in Aksakovo after Golden Sands, in the direction of “plots”. The latter was built in 1981 and none of them has not been renovated.

If the project is won, the funds will perform design, then spurs will be transferred to the municipalities to be able to apply for funds necessary for construction work.

From recovery needs and the Varna breakwater. Coast protection facility was built 114 years ago and has withstood many sea storms that have compromised. Concrete cover of the breakwater now had scattered in many places reinforcing rods sticking out. Serious damage to the facility inflict sea storm in February 2012. year.

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