Massive Gaps in EU Funds Between North-South Bulgaria

Bulgaria: Massive Gaps in EU Funds Between North-South BulgariaSouthern Bulgarian has received three times more European funds since 2007, compared to the north.

Businesses, municipalities, and NGOs in Northern Bulgaria have won 2 900 project contracts, which amounts to BGN 3.8 B worth of EU funds. In comparison, Southern Bulgaria has received BGN 11.26 B for 5 100 projects, writes the daily Trud.

One reason for this difference lies in the fact that the capital Sofia is counted in the statistic for Southern Bulgaria. Naturally, there is a greater concentration of institutions and organizations in the capital.

In particular, the Southwestern region has benefitted greatly from European funds, amounting to BGN 5.8 B. The region of Plovdiv has drawn BGN 2.8 B, while Burgas has seen BGN 2.62 B of EU money.

Along with being the poorest region in the whole EU, Northwestern Bulgaria has received only BGN 1.17 B in funds from Brussels.

Furthermore, only 5 of the 20 municipalities with highest EU funding come from the north.

Northern regions of Bulgaria also hold the lowest GDP of the country.

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