Announced tenders for rental in Kranevo beaches and camping South

Announced tenders for rental in Kranevo beaches and camping South

Ministry of Tourism announced a sealed bid auction for rental of beach in Kranevo beach and camping showed reference to OFFNews the site of the department.

Sandy beach in the municipality of Balchik is a separate part of the coastal strip, with a total floor area of 30,386 square meters

active beach area on the sea beach amounts to 26,205 square meters from it excluded objects of infrastructure in size of 4181 sq. m, representing walkways, playgrounds and equipment, concrete platform, stairs and retaining wall.

The sea beach has a length of shoreline 482 meters.

The auction to be held just a month in the Ministry of Tourism. Starting price of the object is 39 428.75 rental period of five years.

Tourism ministry announced and secret bidding for the beach “Camping South” in Burgas Tsarevo Municipality. Its total area amounts to 13,618 sq. M with an active beach area of 11,418 square meters from it are excluded area occupied by objects of infrastructure, amounting to 4 sq. M, the area of rocky beach in the amount of 1019 sq. m and the area of the identified sand dunes in the amount of 1177 m2

sea beach has a length of shoreline 330 meters. The auction will be held on 04.21.2017, the initial auction price is also a 5-year lease is 23 424.83 lev.

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