Kranevo expecting over 30 000 to Festival of Sprat

Kranevo waiting over 30 000 fans sprat

Last June, Mayor fish soup did not arrive for many meraklii to try it. So Rumen Nikolov promised to prepare twice as much. Colleagues from neighboring villages declared readiness to assist in culinary task. Festival of sprat will launch the summer season in the coastal v. Kranevo. For the second consecutive year from 9 to June 11 fans of the popular fish will indulge in culinary fun and games near the huge beach. There will be three themed music nights – humor and rock and roll with “inverse effect” retro and disco with “Streetcar №5” and Bulgarian folklore with the biggest Black dance led by Ilia Lukov.

“At the first festival came 30 000 people. Now we expect more because we will guest star and world famous, “said Mayor Rumen Nikolov. Her name will be announced after Easter, but the mayor has already decided to double portions fish soup, which alone recipes of his wife and distributed to the audience. “Last June 2 told not reached for many comers. Now will boil four with about 330 liters of soup for 1,000 people. Becomes beautiful – with all kinds of sea-fish and small ragout of salmon thick broth, “said Nikolov. It was clear that for the second year Kranevo will have a strong season.

Last summer, all facilities for recreation were crowded until 15 September, and three spa hotels operate until the end of October. Besides Bulgarians and Russians in Kranevo now routinely stay Romanians, Czechs, Poles, Serbs, praised the mayor. “Problem remains informal sector. Officially registered beds are 12 000, but actually more so. I hope the idea of connecting the hotel registers directly with the NRA to work. Then the municipality will have revenues to maintain cleanliness and infrastructure, “said Nikolov. According to him, in July and August plots, which are about 1,000 people swells to 20 000. Because of the influx of tourists last summer struggled to even find room for posted 16 gendarmes.

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