Kranevo Update

Here in Kranevo, August 2013.

The village is busy but not crowded, there are many children and young adults especially milling around the town centres numourous shops which are selling souveniors and nick nacks.

While the beach seems very busy but not overcrowded during the day reports of the town centre bussinesses are that it has not been a good year, many of the beachgoers are reportedley mostly locals and less affluent tourists who are failing to supply custom to the many restaurants and bars in the evening, rather they return home or to their apartments to drink and eat. That said the recent glut of apartments constructed on the hill overlooking Kranevo and in Primorska street in particular, seem to be filling, the hope being with each passing year there will be increased bed capacity and that more affluent adult tourists will make the most of the local facilities.
These new apartment owners might consider renting their apartments to earn a revenue and avoid unoccupated beds throughout the summer season. Hopefully these new home owners will contribute regular new tax revenue which may eventually find its way back to investment in amenities and infrastructure within the Kranevo rather than, as in the past, dissapearing whereever the local municipality conisders, or just dissapearing…………….

Regarding the recent upgrading to the roads and drainage throughout Kranevo and to the pavements in the village centre, while an improvement, there are already areas where there are problems with subsidance and paving slabs that are uneven and become a hazard to pedestrians. The numerous flower beds provided in the pavements seem, more often than not to have become convinient ashtrays for the store holders rather than somewhere to maintain and plant flowers. Meanwhile there are areas of Kranevo that seem to be collecting litter and there is no sign of the street cleaning gangs that have been busy in previous years and rubbish bins go unemptied until they spill into the road.

At the beach the water is warm and shallow, there are more reports of sand lost from the beach, which apparently is transported to another beach further north. There are many lifeguards on the beach who blow their whistles frequently to call in swimmers  who have gone too far, and to call everyone back to the beach as the Strong breeze picks up the waves. They seem understandably cautious following reported fatalities earlier in the year.

Searching for fitness facilities in Kranevo proves fruitless as although there are hotels with facilities that are not open to the public, rather to staying guests only, despite attempts to offer money in exchange for using the facilities. Resorting to running on the beach to stay healthy proves more rewarding with numerous other bodies of various nationalities pacing along the sand before the full morning sunshine. Albena however offers numerous sporting facilities to be explored.

The new development of a spa at the end of Primorska Street to be named Therma Palace will be a welcome development once complete, it intends to offer a small gym, swimming pool, massage and spa facilities usually associated with Albena Resort. The construction is by comfortbg who are also responsible for the high quality development of numorous apartments on the hillside. Another future spa facility is also rumored

Meanwhile the Playboy club in the town centre is now closed permanently and has been converted to a hotel while the Playboy bar remains open. Reasons offered include noise pullution to the neighbouring hotels, while rumors circulate of the possibity of new club on the beach to compliment the existing club Vanilla Beach

The previously popular restaurant Del Mar at the southern end of the beach remains closed following redevelopment intended to resituate the restaurant further from the sea following damage in stormy weather last year. Maybe the development was halted due to the arrival of the tourist season, lets hope it is completed next year.

Meanwhile 2 other restaurants have opened on the beach, both seemingly popular:-

La Playa at the northen end of Kranevo beach is ‘the new place to go’ and is reportedly owned by the same person who owned the previously open Del Mar, the son of the popular garden restaurant Izvora. The food quality and service is not to be faulted although the prices are more than reasonable, this comes highly recommended!

The Mirage restaurant and bar brings a new quality of establishment to the beach and is obviously aimed at the high end market, serving sushi and expensive bottles of champagne as well as a simpler menu and more reasonably priced drinks.



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