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Kranevo Beach

Kranevo Beach is one of the largest Bulgarian beaches at around 5km and is sandy and golden, The sea itself is of a low salinity, the sea bed slopes at a gentle inclination making the water very suitable and safe for bathing.

The beach can be bustling in the summer although it remians unspoilt by the over development and commercialisation that has detracted from other some other Bulgarian beaches. There are a handful of bars and restaurants set along the beach with a good selection of food and drink available. The restaurants in Kranevo are of a more traditional nature and offer a more affordable prices than is available in the more established tourist resort of Albena.

Albena Tourist resort lies at the other end of the same beach from Kranevo and is within walking distance. Albena is a very well established family resort with a good reputation, it has many restaurant and facilities and is well known as a health and spa destination

The temperature of the sea between July and September is 22-25°C and average air temperature is is over 25°C and may reach up to 32°C,  during the summer the majority of days are cloud free, the air remains cool however due to the typical light refreshing winds that nourish the bay, given coolness and moisture from the forests that back the beach between Albena and Kranevo.

The Baltata reserve spreads out on 183 ha longoz forest, starting from the main road Kranevo – Albena it continues behind the hotels of the Kranevo resort and reaches the open waters of the Black Sea. Nowadays “Baltata” is an integral part of Albena; together they offer a unique combination of preserved nature and a modern tourist resort providing differrent forms of recreation and ecotourism.

Be warned that between Albena and Kranevo is a nudist beach although  you are under no obligation to take part, unless of course you should so wish!

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