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Eating out in Bulgaria is comparatively cheap and the cuisine is amazing.

In Kranevo there is a wide selection of foods available, there are a number of bakeries, selling fresh bread and pizza. A number of venders offer kebab, pancakes and icecream are also available.

There are many restaurants throughout the village catering for all tastes, some are more traditional, they often have live entertainment including traditional folk music. Many have outdoors space and some have beautiful gardens. There are also other restaurants where you may get more familiar foods and there are others where you might get sushi and chinese food.

It is fairly common for Bulgarian families to eat at home, eating out being somewhat of a luxury. In the appropriate seasons all members of the family often gather to produce supplies that last throughout the year, this is likely to include preserved vegetables, fruit conserve and jam.  Another is Lutenitsa, a traditional tomato and pepper puree which may also include eggplant pureed together, it is delicious with just about everything.



Mealtime in Bulgaria is not a hurried affair, a salad often proceeds a meal and is usually accompanied by a strong local brandy called Rakia. Their are many variations of salad, most will include Bulgarian white or yellow cheese.


There are many Bulgarian meat dishes available,  too many to list, the best of which are often oven baked or grilled. A meat dish will often form part of a main course and are often well seasoned with spices and herbs.

Most common in Bulgaria are dishes using pork or chicken. In Bulgaria cattle are generally used for milk production rather than meat although Veal is used on a seasonal basis. Lamb is also used seasonally and Bulgaria is a significant exporter of lamb meat.




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