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You can contribute an article by submitting it on at new post, you can view and edit your previous posts at edit post. You CAN also write a permanent page on a specific topic to be agreed prior to submission, well written posts on targeted subjects may be adopted as permanent website pages.  Alternatively you may submit a post on any issue you consider important to

Would you like to contribute local news articles for Kranevo and the region, become a reporter and post on the issues that are important to you, whatever they might be. There are many of us who are not able to be in Bulgaria as much as we would like and want to hear about the issues effecting our favourite village.

Your articles will be posted on our local news site, you can also submit relevant pictures. The article will be published within a week, we reserve the right to amend or omit articles depending on their nature

some of the issues we would like to hear about include:-

– whats it like to live in the area permanently

– what is there to do?

– where is your favourite restaurant?

– best local businesses?

– Cheapest Internet?

– Whats being constructed, whats new?

– What do you like about Kranevo?

– What would you like to see in Kranevo?

– Favourite foods

– Public facilities

– Weather

– Stray animals

– Whats on, Local events


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