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Modernize wastewater treatment plant Albena (& Kranevo)

Ще модернизират пречиствателна станция Албена, доизграждат канализацията на Оброчище

  Ivelina Vasileva treatment plant © Darik Albena Dobrich Ministry of Environment and Waters is ready to support the financing of the project to repair the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Albena, which serves the villages Obrochiste, Kranevo and Rogachevo. This was announced by Minister Ivelina Vassileva, who is on a tour on the North Coast. …

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Varna spurs repaired with EU funds

Varna district administration is preparing a project that will apply to 200 million euros in the “Southeast Europe”. Money is to design the shore fortifications, landslides and groins. The association of regional governments in Varna, Burgas and Dobrich can apply with a joint program to attract more funding. Until now embankments action is frozen because …

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Strengthen the landslide to stop “Cypress”

В 2016 году Болгария рассчитывает на увеличение турпотока из России на 30%

Bookmark According to Russian tour operators in the coming summer season, the tourist flow from Russia increased by 30% in Bulgaria. This was reported by Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova country. According to her, the forecasts for the summer season 2016, the extremely optimistic. “This is confirmed by scheduled flights to Varna and Burgas, the …

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Investment in water of 1 million lev

73% of the budget of the new Operational Programme “Environment” will be reserved for “water”, reported the press office of the Ministry of Environment and Water. The financial resources for the implementation of the project is approximately 1.5 million lev. The funds will continue to finance projects for water treatment plants and for waste water, of 108 …

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Sensational ! Giant kelp grew up near Varna

Сензационно! Гигантски водорасли израснаха край Варна

Giant facilities already successfully purify the waters of the Black Sea along the North Coast, reported “Rooster”, quoting environmentalist Petko Tsvetkov. He is head of a project that from 2012 onwards in the waters near Varna placed metal structures, high of 7 to 12 meters. The aim is for them to attach marine organisms such …

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Brewing social unrest in Kranevo over infrastructure repairs

On the threshold of the tourist season in Kranevo is brewing social unrest The reason being being that roads require asphalting and also required is the repair of key sections of the correction of river Kranevska according to the Mayor of the resort, Rumen Nikolov. This time last year due to heavy rainfall, the river overflowed …

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Varna Introduces Stiff Fines For Parking Violations

The municipal council of Bulgaria’s coast city of Varna introduced stiff fines for parking violations in the city, reports the Varna Utre website. The proposal, tabled by Varna Mayor Ivan Portnih, provides for increase of fines for parking on pedestrian crossings, parks, park alleys, playgrounds and pavements. Those who leave their car on a pedestrian …

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Artificial reefs installed at end of Kranevo

Bulgarian Foundation “Biodiversity” provides research facilities to install artificial reefs polygon “Artificial reef – Kranevo.” It will be implemented under the project “Reefs – research and restoration of the natural filtration aid of the sea.” Will be used marine gear Biotechnological clamping shells consisting of perforated cylindrical modules made of polypropylene drinking water pipes with …

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In Kranevo after the flood, situation is under control

  In Kranevo the situation is under control. “The situation in the village Kranevo after the flood is under control. It is being cleared of debris and destruction.” That said Roumen Nikolov, Mayor of the village, the agency reported “Focus”. He added that he is working hard to eliminate the debris. In the settlement was restored water supply and electricity.Committees …

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About 500 000 lev to assess the damage in the Balchik Kranevo

Balchik. Approximately 500 000 lev to assess the damage in the village of Kranevo said mayor of a village in Balchik Rumen Nikolov for Radio “Focus” .According to him, these are not the final figures, but according to the monitoring of people who work in construction, the amount necessary to restore the destroyed infrastructure will be in that order. “Our situation …

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